With years of experience as a keynote speaker, Brian has spoken to groups all over the UK and Europe delivering inspirational and educational speeches. He understands the importance of capturing your audience’s attention.

We believe that learning should be an engaging process. That’s why each of Brian’s keynote presentations is designed to impact all levels of your organisation.

Our keynote presentations

'Riding by the seat of my pants'
A solo motorcycle journey from Alaska to Argentina

Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” and determined to prove her right, Brian set off in June 2010 for the biggest challenge of his life. Brian uses this keynote speech to showcase the obstacles he overcame, and how you can apply this to your professional life.

The Winner's Edge

Everyone understands that attitude is the one thing that makes the biggest difference in life, so why is it that so many people don’t have the right mental attitude? Throughout this presentation, we discover the “edge” that separates winners from losers. We also identify the “7 Diseases of Attitude” and explore key strategies to give you the “edge”.

Natural born heroes

We all have latent talents and abilities inside us, but more often than not we ignore everything around us that could give us motivation. Throughout the Natural Born Heroes presentation, you’ll learn how to slay your own personal “dragons” of fear or self-doubt. You’ll also develop the qualities to be a hero in your workplace, community and family.


The way we deal with failure is the most important prerequisite of success. We’ll take a look at how some of the world’s most successful individuals have overcome failure and adversity, and turned it to their advantage. You’ll also learn the 6 Phoenix Qualities that take you from setback to success.

Raising the bar

If you’re tired of being average or achieving mediocre results in your business, then “Raising the Bar” is for you. You’ll learn what it takes to be outstanding in both your personal and professional life, including the strategies that take you to the next level.