Brian Gibbons B.Ed (hons), F.InsSMM, PSA, Cert NLP, is an International speaker, trainer, coach and author. Born and raised in Blackburn, Lancashire, our CEO and founder was one of six children, and soon learned two of life’s key lessons.

1) First up was always best dressed

2) When it was bath night in a tin bath, never be last in line

Where did it all begin?

Before he started his journey in the world of motivational speaking and coaching, Brian’s experience of life included working in a factory, a turkey farm, a psychiatric hospital, sweeping streets and emptying dustbins.

However, inspiring, educating and entertaining others has always been his passion.

What happened next?

After graduating from Loughborough University and spending 12 years’ as a teacher, Brian soon became involved in the business world. He’s spoken to groups of all shapes and sizes, including children, service engineers and chief executives.

“In life, you are either teaching a lesson, or learning a lesson” – Brian Gibbons

Throughout his time as a trainer, he realised that there was a distinct lack of clarity for training managers. It was this realisation that motivated him to write his first book, “Insights for a 21st Century Manager”. Since then he has gone on to publish two more books, “Riding By The Seat Of My Pants” – A solo motorcycle journey from Alaska to Argentina and “No Regrets!” – How to be a winner in the game of life.

What’s his approach?

No matter how much we try, human beings are always making their own lives difficult, whether it’s in a relationship, a friendship or at work. One of Brian’s core values is simplicity. But, it’s not just simplicity that impacts his teaching.

  • He helps people believe that they can change; that they have choices
  • He understands that not everyone will be an Olympic champion, but they can do their personal best
  • He believes that not everyone is going to be a leader on the world stage, but they can be a leader in their community and family
  • Climbing Everest isn’t going to be a challenge you’re likely to face, but he knows that everyone has their own mountain to climb

Throughout each of our courses and training sessions, Brian makes each stage as simple and understandable as possible. Everyone who leaves will have the right tools to create positive change in not only their business, but their personal life too.