We’re always aiming to inspire, motivate and educate everyone we work with. It’s shaped our business, and has always played a key part in our speaking, training and coaching workshops.

Making the transition from Service Engineer to Service Manager can be fraught with difficulties, but we don’t see that as a challenge, we see that as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for you to learn, to grow, and to develop the skills you need to influence, manage and inspire your team throughout their working days. But what else is there to know about Focus Motivation? Take a look below to find out more.

Our History

Founded by Brian Gibbons in 1991, Focus Motivation has always taken a practical approach to coaching and motivational speaking.

We believe that it’s not just about what you’re learning, it’s how you apply it to your own professional and personal life.

Take a look at our history and find out just how the business has grown over the years.

Our Clients

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of delivering motivational talks, training programmes and 1:1 coaching sessions with a host of companies.

From BT to Network Rail, to Kodak, we’ve helped hundreds of Service Engineers make the transition to Service Manager, teaching them the practical skills they need to take the next step in their career.

Why not take a look at our full list of clients, including some of the great testimonials we’ve received.

The Effective Service Manager

The Effective Service Manager has been designed to provide specialised training and development within the service industry.

Each module takes you through the key functions, essential skills and practical steps you need to take to become an effective, successful Service Manager.

Take a look to see how you could benefit from attending one of these training courses.

Keynote Speaking

We all know that a keynote speaker needs to entertain, inspire and educate their audience. With a packed auditorium, it’s crucial that practical lessons are delivered in such as way that the learning is subconscious.

Our founder, Brian Gibbons, shares his own life experiences, draws upon the lessons he’s learned and explains how these can be applied to any professional career, regardless of what level you’re at.